Water Lilies

We are home to one of the biggest collections of Hardy Water Lilies (Nymphaea) growing anywhere in Europe in a natural setting. Designated a National Collection, the water lilies can be seen in all their splendour throughout the summer months but reach their peak between June and August.

Major Stewart’s wife Katharine’s love of flowers inspired the idea of using the lakes for the growing and display of Hardy Water lilies.

The Stewarts engaged Perry's of Enfield, renowned water lily experts, to advise them. Perry's was eventually taken over by Stapely's Water Gardens. The latter were retained to manage the collection, and as part of the agreement were expected to increase the number of cultivars. Subsequently the Trust's own expert staff took over the management."

On a symposium visit by the International Water Lily Society they commented that the collection was one of the best collections in a natural setting that they had ever seen.