The Stewart Museum

The Stewart Museum is dedicated to the travels of Major Percy Stewart and the 8 World Tours he undertook between 1906 and 1926.

Often accompanied by his wife the Major visited every continent, explored remote regions and collected a remarkable range of cultural and religious exhibits. Many of these have been recognised by UNESCO as of national and international importance.

These artefacts are now housed in state-of-the-art display cases in the museum with a number of interactive stations.

In 2012, Yorkshire Museums selected 100 objects from around the region for “Precious Cargo”project, an exploration in depth of the exhibits in Yorkshire Museums that celebrate world cultures, and five artefacts from the Stewart Museum were featured.

These were a Maori feather cloak made from Kiwi feathers and given to the Major by a Maori Chief; a diary of Herbert Stewart, the Major’s brother, who was tutor to the Tsar’s nephews at the time of the Russian Revolution; a facemask from what is now Papua New Guinea; a decorative snuff bottle from China with incredible artwork painted inside the bottle; and a carved wooden figure of a man from the Solomon Islands, collected by the Major en route from Singapore to Sidney in the early 1900s.


Photograph: African Tribal Exhibits.

(Stewart Museum)

South Seas cabinet.