Our Walled Garden Project

Our new Walled Garden is now open to the public.

The “Walled Garden Project” has been underway over the winter and into the spring to create a new modern-style garden, completely revitalising one of existing areas on site.

Central to the design is a circular lawn surrounded by borders planted up to give colour later in the summer enhanced by the backdrop of the existing 7’ walls which border over one third of the new garden.

Work on the new garden has been completed by Jill Ward, Head Gardener, and her team, and over the weekend of 30th April / 1st May, planting was completed by a newly recruited group of Walled Gardens Volunteers with some of these new recruits now taking on responsibility for the regular maintenance of the Walled Garden.

Our project has been made possible thanks to a £74k grant from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Commuted Sums scheme, enhanced by additional small grants from the Finnis Scott Foundation and the Active Towns Community Grant schemes, with the new garden promising to further enhance the horticultural excellence of Burnby Hall Gardens, which attracts around 97,000 visitors each year.

“This has been an exciting opportunity to re-develop a large area of the Gardens. I am looking forward to maintaining it and seeing how it matures,” says Jill Ward, our Head Gardener.






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