Schools Visits

Burnby Hall Gardens & Museum can offer your school a variety of learning opportunities, and we would love to see you come on an educational visit to us.

Available resources include a  Handling Resource for KS1/KS2 complementing the Stewart Museum Collection, and a Teacher Information Pack for Primary and Secondary schools exploring the fascinating history and wildlife of Burnby Hall Gardens.

We have also created a new on-site learning-zone for schools to use.

We offer free entry to all schools in the YO42 area and discounted entry of £3 per child (teachers and adult helpers free) to schools outside the area. We also offer a free-planning visit for Teachers as part of our educational offer. To book a visit please contact us

Find out more about our educational offer below:

Self - Led Handling Resource

Our self-led Adventurous Stewarts Handling Collection for KS1/KS2 contains original and replica objects from the museum collection. Students can discuss important topics, track the Stewart family across the globe, and explore other cultures along the way.

Curriculum links:

  • Chronological work including comparing the similarities and differences between life now and in the past.
  • Investigation primary and secondary sources and understand the methods of historical enquiry.
  • Discover new geographic regions and cultures.
  • Local history projects.
  • Glossary work: gain and deploy a historically grounded understanding of abstract terms such as ’empire’ and ‘civilisation’.
  • Gain historical perspective by helping children to develop an understanding of the connections between local, regional, national and international history, and between cultural, economic, military, political, religious and social history.

Download the Adventurous Stewart Handling Collection Teacher Guide

Teacher's Information Pack

This resource is full of cross-curricular ideas for primary and secondary schools, including historical background, a timeline, and a site map to help you plan your self-led visit.

We also have a new learning zone on site, complete with bag storage, tables and chairs, sinks and accessible toilets, and you can this space as part of your self-led visit.

Download the Teacher’s Information Pack