The Gardens

The Gardens that you see today are the result of decades of continuous work by the Stewarts Trust to maintain, enhance and develop the formal hall gardens originally created by Percy and Katharine Stewart.

The Lakes

The most eye-catching feature of these are the Upper and Lower Lakes which are home to over 100 varieties of Hardy Waterlily (Nymphaea) which flower between mid-June and the end of August. Designated a National Collection, the lilies were described as being set in the best natural setting in Europe by a visiting symposium in 1993.

The lakes are also home to thousands of Carp, Roach and Rudd which delight visitors of all ages during the spring and summer months.

We also have several formal gardens situated around the lakes.

The Aviary Garden

Our Aviary Garden contains a recently restored Edwardian summer house and which forms the centre piece for our annual Tulip Festival in late April / May and during the summer when around 18,000 bulbs are on display throughout the Gardens. 

The Walled Garden

The Walled Garden is a new project created in 2022 and uses the existing walls around the site to provide a backdrop to a contemporary-themed garden with concentric paths and a fantastic array of planting.

The Edwardian Rock Garden

The Edwardian Rock Garden is another original feature from Percy and Katharine Stewart’s residence at the hall and was designed by James Backhouse and Son in the early 1900’s. The garden was fully restored as part of our Heritage Lottery Fund Golden Jubilee Project between 2016 and 2019 when the original Backhouse planting plans were used, which provide fantastic colour and variety throughout the year.

The Stumpery

The Stumpery at the far end of the Gardens was created in 2011 and is based on H.M. the King’s similar garden at Highgrove House. Using sections of oak tree with ferns and seasonal plants surrounding them, this garden is designed to attract insects and birdlife and features a lovely hobbit house in the centre. A new addition is a hobbit-themed gate at the entrance.

The Birch Walk

The Birch Walk was created in 2019 and contains 40 birch trees and seasonal planting including hydrangeas.

Burnby Hall Gardens are winners of the Yorkshire in Bloom Gold Award on seven consecutive occasions, and our dedicated and professional gardening team is always striving to build on the excellent horticultural heritage begun by the Stewarts and enthusiastically continued ever since.

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